"Free" upgrade not processing

I purchased “Scrivener 1 for Windows” on 20APR21, paying USD49.00. According to the email I received heralding “Scrivener 3,” “… if you already own Scrivener 1 for Windows, then you are eligible for a 49% discount on Scrivener 3, which normally costs $49. If you bought Scrivener 1 for Windows on or after 20th November 2017, though, the update is free.” However, when I pursue the purchase, I am told I must pay $24.90.

I am using the same email address I used some weeks ago in my effort to register v.3.

I also sent a private message under the “sales” category; posting here on the long shot someone has an obvious step I am overlooking. I suppose I have 29 more days to resolve it, as I’m in trial mode on v.3.