Freedom from internet addiction


I just came across this blog post, which mentions Scrivener, but also something called Freedom: … reedom-on/

(Freedom is here: )

Freedom just disables internet access on your Mac for up to eight hours - sometimes I get asked for this sort of thing in Scrivener. Thought I would just share it (and thank you to Nancy, who says nice things about Scrivener on her blog and brought my attention to this).

To be honest, given that my mornings are set aside for writing and afternoons for L&L, but right now it is just past 11am and am posting here, it would seem that I need Freedom more than anyone else… But I tell myself that I need my internet research.

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I’ve been using Freedom this week. If you’re a weak-willed procrastinator, it’s wonderful.

Or, as an alternative, you could put your router into power-save mode, and save money on the electricity bill while you eliminate procrastination! Our router thingy has a programmable power-save timer, and switches itself off between 1 a.m. and 7 a.m., which drives me mad if I can’t sleep because I can’t work out how to override the settings we gave it. This morning at 4 a.m., I had no alternative but to write an essay that was due today. :wink:

Excellent post. I’ll be putting this to use. Of course it’s always possible to set your router to block your computer from accessing the net at specified times, but I’ll probably use this instead.

What? I might miss something!



Yeah, another weak-willed procrastinator here. A/k/a differently-abled multi-valent dilettante ADD-er always “researching”.

I think I’m going to give Freedom a try. Of course, I’ll still have my iPhone . . .