Freeform corkboard background won't change

I changed the corkboard background, the freeform corkboard background, and the label view corkboard background. I’ve since been able to change all of them again… except the freeform corkboard. It is seemingly stuck.

This apparently has been seen before. I can’t add links, but there’s a thread on the forums, id 47484, called “Corkboard background won’t change”. Same problem, but no answers.

It is stuck across themes even after reverting to all defaults. It does not change when I save the theme as a file and then load it. It does not change when I save preferences to a file and reload it.

It appears to be file-specific. I can have two files open, one with the stuck background and one that is not stuck but freely changes when I change it in preferences. New projects have the correct non-stuck background.

Try resetting your project displays for the file with the stuck background, as described here:

Thank you! That link was definitely helpful. I did have to do a few tweaks, so I’ll put them here in case anyone else runs into this.

I did the “Close Project and Clear Interface Settings” but that did not work to fix the problem. I also did not have any option for “Show Package Contents” when I right-clicked on the .zip

So, I went into my terminal, changed directories to the parent directory, and then hopped into the .scriv project directory manually.

cd "Project.scriv"/Settings

In the “Project.scriv” directory, there’s a .scrivx file and three directories: QuickLook, Files, and Settings. We went straight to settings.

There, interestingly enough, was a directory called FreeformBackground all by itself. Inside was the stuck image file. I removed the whole directory with the following command and then opened my project again. All better.

rm -r FreeformBackground

Edit: genuinely unsure if I made the directory or if the app did. It’s possible I made the folder and dragged the image in because I didn’t know any better. :’) But, if this is what you’re seeing, this should fix it regardless.

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