Freeform Corkboard in Collections? (SOLVED)

Love 2.0, of course. Especially the freeform corkboard.
But there seems to be something I don’t quite get: Freeform doesn’t seem to be consistently available, I’m sure I could choose freeform in collections at some point as a I fiddled around, but now the freeform icon is not even available in the footer of collections and if I use the “View/Corkboard/Freeform” menu (which is available) the cards are presented in a seemingly random freeform arrangement, but are not movable (they just snap back).

Couldn’t find any references to the issue on the board.




Oops, just solved my own issue. Apparently you can’t use freeform on Search collections, only on Standard ones, which makes perfect sense when you think about it. Using “Collections/Convert To Standard Collection” solved the problem. I’ll leave this message here in case there are other freeform addicts with the same blind spot.

For uniformity’s sake, It might be an idea to disable the “View/Corkboard/Freeform” menu option when a Search Collection is selected.

As you were. 8)

Eek, you’re right - that should be disabled. Thanks for catching that, I’ll fix it for the release version.
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I am unable to figure out how to create a collection that can be used with a freeform corkboard. What I want to do is capture notes to separate documents and then apply keywords. Using the Keyword search function create collections that are viewable in a freeform corkboard. However, I cannot convert the search result into a standard collection as it is disabled in the menu. I try creating a collection manually by dragging the items I searched for into the standard collection. But the Freeform option in the corkboard is disabled. Even random items put into a standard collection without doing a search still does not enable the Freeform option.

Have you clicked on the header bar of the collection to load it into the corkboard? Only non-search collections can be used in freeform mode (given that search collections cannot be reordered).

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Ah, that does it.

Thank-you for the prompt response.

Hi I don’t get it. I’ve highlighted the chapters I want to view in corkboard. THen when i go to freeform on the menu i cannot click on it. It’s grey and unclickable. So i cant move chapters around at all on corkboard. What do i need to do to access this feature? Im on a mac. thank you!

re search non search in above i dont get this. I just highlight the chapters i want to put on corkboard and they go into corkboard but not in freefrom only in order–unmoveable… Help!

Detailed instruction here.