Freeform Corkboard in Windows release expectations?

Scrivener Windows v1.9.6.0 - 03 Aug 2016

Digging using this a lot… I am even using it for work writing… Templates are a life-saver.

Looked in archives, and though mentioned many times, no release dates from the roadmap are mentioned. I read about ‘paid updates’, etc., and a lot people wishing, but is there any straight poop?

Much appreciated!


“oooh! a shiny thing!”

I’d be interested in knowing this too. Seems a good feature.

Seem to remember Keith saying ETA would be before “the heat death of the universe.” And that Windows will release later than Mac.

I’m pretty sure there are videos of it on Mac out there… I’m 99% sure I saw one.

Yes, that’s the point of the query. It’s an existing feature in the Mac version, but hasn’t yet made it to the happy Windows shores.

Just started using Scrivener. Any news on when the Windows version will add this feature? Are there other features they have included on the Mac version but not Windows? I was hoping they’d be the same since the person who is tutoring me is using a Mac. Thanks!

See here for the differences:

The aim is to achieve feature parity between the Mac and Windows version with version 3. Version 3 for Mac we are all hoping will come out in the next few months; version 3 for Windows will be a few months after that, we are told. There will be no version 2 for Windows.

We also understand there are significant changes in version 3; a proper styles system has been mentioned, as well as a post from KB showing a “swim lanes” view in the corkboard, for example.