Freeform Corkboard in Windows?

I have a Scapple Board I would like to drag into Scrivener, but I can’t find anywhere the instructions for setting the Scrivener corkboard to freeform mode in order to allow the drag-and-drop. Is this not possible in Scrivener for Windows? I am running v1.6.1.0 of Scrivener, which says it is the latest version. Thank you!

There is no freeform corkboard in Scrivener for Windows yet, that is why you cannot find a toggle for it. :slight_smile: You can still drag and drop notes, you don’t need a special mode to do that. Just drag them directly into the Binder sidebar, from your Scapple window.

“Yet”?? Does that mean that Scrivener might someday have a Scapple-like corkboard? (Not that I don’t love the current corkboard.)

It wouldn’t be like Scapple. It still uses index cards as representations for larger segments of text, not represented directly on the medium itself. The difference is that you can freely arrange the cards without disturbing the Binder order directly. Each container in the Binder (including Collections) will have its own optional freeform board (the default is the standard linear corkboard you are familiar with), the ability to use a freeform corkboard is a per-container toggle that is remembered.

Note in this screenshot there are also some floating windows, in dark grey, that’s not a part of the feature.

Not coming for 1.7 I presume :frowning:?

Ah, no, what you see in the beta right now is what it will be.

This scrivener gives that a major WOO HOO! Can’t wait. :smiley:

Soooooo… 2019, Freeform for Windows? :confused:

Already exists…

Amber, in Windows/ Linux version (Version: Where is the command

Version 3 beta; on Linux use Wine/Crossover etc.