Freeform corkboard - select vs. change order

When I place cards on the Freeform corkboard, I often have them overlapping each other. This means the z-ordering or layering of cards matters, e.g. so I can see all titles or synopses even when they overlap.

But then I need a way to change the z-order of the cards, separately from selecting or moving a card. Scrivener does not distinguish these, and as soon as I select a card it pops to the top of the z-order.

e.g. make 3 cards, place them overlapping each other.

Now drag-and-select all three, but start each drag-and-select from a different point (e.g. top-left of the 3 cards, or bottom right of the 3 cards). The cards get selected (good), but the ordering may change (not so good).

Seems Scrivener should distinguish these?

I’m not quite sure what you mean - if you drag-select and then drag to move some cards, the order should always stay the same. Can you please provide steps to reproduce?

Make notecards A, B, C, D.

Move B over bottom right of A.
Move C over bottom right of B.
Move D over bottom right of C.

Drag-select all 4 cards, with starting point to top-left of A.

Drag-select all 4 cards, with starting point to bottom-right of B.

One of these will change the free-form Z-ordering of A,B,C,D.


Ah, I see what you mean now. It’s because the drag-select really just acts the same as individual selection. I’ll have a look at it, though.

Yes, though Selection really cannot automatically mean change-Z-order if Z-order is important.

I might want to move an individual card a bit. The only way to move it is to select it. If that changes Z-order then I have to re-do all overlapping cards.


I agree, I’m just saying it’s not as simple to fix as it might seem, but it is on the list. :slight_smile: