I searched this three times, because I’m sure it’s been mentioned (not only because Scrivener is mentioned in the ‘Services’ menu) but the results came up empty. So: Can anyone point me to the discussion about the mind-mapping software Freeplane?


Try searching for FreeMind, back when this application was discussed, there was only one version of it. Some time back, a rift between the development team ended up in them decided to fork the project into two different versions, FreeMind and FreePlane. So they both come from the same root, but have diverged since then. I’m not sure how much of a visible there is between the two. Most of the in-fighting was over code style and release cycles. I’m sure there is some divergence now, but whatever was said back then should still at least roughly pertain.

Ah, thanks. Figured it was here somewhere. But then I realized I was being silly, holding off on Scrivener until 2.0–if that means learning something else entirely. So I’m outlining in Scriv. Working almost magically, except I can’t figure how to make the synopsis box in the Inspector bigger, and I took a Snapshot of all the outlining I’ve done on the I-can’t-believe-I’m-happily-using-a-corkboard, but can’t figure where it’s stored. I’ll watch the video again …

The synopsis in the inspector always retains a 5x3 ratio, and so gets bigger the wider you make the inspector.

Snapshots operate on document text, not on structure or synopses. If you want to make a backup of your outline, either use File > Backup To to back up the project, or use cmd-D with the folder containing the outline selected to make a copy of the entire folder/outline. There’s a good post from Ioa explaining the reasoning here:

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Ah! cmd-D is awesome. Just what I wanted. I’ve got a nervous tic about saving backup version of projects every ten minutes, even if they only differ from the previous file by 100 characters. I’m gonna have to train my tic to reach for cmd-D. Easy enough.

I do wish I could grab the line between Synopsis and General and drag it down. But I’m sure that’s just because I’m a complete newbie and am not using the proper features instead of my idiosyncratic work-around, with 100 words in an index card. In fact … look at that. Document Notes. Right there.

I just finished a rough outline my next novel. Took a long morning using Scriv after trying to get it done in Word for a week. So thanks.