Freeze on exiting Composition Mode

I am running Leopard on an old PPC Powerbook G4.

When working in my current project, Scrivener recently started to hang up when I exit Composition Mode. (This happened after the latest update to 2.3, but not immediately after.) I get the spinning beachball and the app becomes unresponsive, but it never crashes. I have to force quit.

I opened a few other old Scrivener projects and quickly tested them, but did not have any immediate problems.

So I tested dragging the contents of the Binder in the current project into a new blank project, and the problem disappeared for a while. Then it started again in the new project. It feels as if the project became “corrupted” after working with it for a while.

[Information that might be related: I had the same or a similar problem occur sporadically over the past year or so, in another project. My sense was that it happened when I had been editing or creating Inpector footnotes in Composition Mode, but I couldn’t figure out how to reproduce it reliably.

In my current project, Scrivener hangs every time I come out of Composition Mode, regardless of whether the document I am editing has any Inspector footnotes or comments. I don’t know if the underlying issue now is the same or different.]

Sorry for the fuzzy nature of this report. I would be grateful for any advice!


Please try going to the “Appearance” pane of Preferences and deselecting the notepad line options - that is, turn off both of these:

These options seem to cause problems in the full screen inspector on some PPC machines, although I’ve never been able to quite determine why. Please let me know if this helps.

All the best,


That does seem to have fixed it. Thank you!

I am thrilled! :smiley: