Freeze when pasting embedded javascripts from web

In beta testing, I was getting Scrivener lockups when pasting from certain web sites using the Firefox plugin Easy Copy, which lets you format page excerpts in a template. For example, Title, Excerpt, URL and Date.

But if a freeze occurs only when pasting from a plugin, while an ordinary copy and paste works splendidly, it’s difficult to propose a change on Scrivener’s end.

The problem turns out to be scripts within the web page. An ordinary Firefox copy appears to strip them out; Easy Copy does not. So the pasting glitch can be described generically. Scrivener’s pastes could be made more reliable by stripping out the content between:


BTW, the page I was pasting from will be of much interest to Scrivener users:

You’re probably using the wrong dictionary – by James Somers

Rgds – Jerome