Freezes the second time I open the full screen [BUG LOGGED]

Every session, I seem to have just one chance for the multi-file full screen typing. The second time I try to load all the pages in my folder to the full screen typing, it loads the pages but freezes up so I can’t scroll or type or anything. Soon enough Windows Vista decides Scrivener isn’t working and closes it. I CAN get more than one typing session out of it if I open a single file in full screen between my multi-file sessions.

I’m not sure why it does that. It may have something to do with the recent update. I just installed the one for the… 29th? I never had problems before. My files in that folder aren’t large, anyway, with a collective word count of about 550. My folder has 11 note cards in it, nine of which have only five words each (“Chapter Three: The Icy Winds” etc.)

Thanks for the feedback; however, I can’t reproduce this problem. Can you walk me through the process and tell me what your machine specifications are?

I have 32-bit Windows Vista. That’s about all I know. Is that enough? I could probably manage to find more if I need to, or I could ask someone who knows computers.

As for how I get it to work (or rather, not work):

1 - First I open up Scrivener. Then I select the project I’ve been working on.
2 - Under “draft” I click my folder “Book 1” (I have four folders under “draft”). Clicking “Book 1” shows my my 11 note cards in that section.
3 - I click the button at the top to enter full screen with all the note cards. I read, type, whatever. I exit the full screen mode.
4 - I remember something I wanted to add, and open the full screen mode again. I try clicking and/or scrolling with the mouse, but nothing happens.
5 - I wait a moment, click once for Vista to try to tell me that Scrivener isn’t working (it appears for half a second and then disappears behind the full screen program), and then click again so the little pop up window actually appears in front. Then I click ‘close program’.
6 - I then repeat steps 1-3, carefully, so I don’t make Scrivener freeze again. Unless I’m trying to just to see if there’s a way around it. Not much luck there yet.

I sometimes can open full screen multiple times if I open a single note card between my multiple-card typing, or if I browse the internet or something and let Scrivener sit for a few moments. Though, the single note card opening doesn’t always help.

Scrivener also stops working if I move from the multiple-card typing to a single card full screen typing too quickly.