Freezing issues during a range of actions

I’m having some issues with Scivener freezing. I mentioned in a previous post that it froze when I scrolled through the binder too quickly in the previous beta. After playing with the new one, I’m finding it crashes with slightly random stuff e.g. when I highlighted something, when I attempted to save whilst in full screen mode amongst other things.

Any ideas?

Thought I’d chime in & add my voice; Scrivener’s been crashing during lots of things for me too (WIndows 7 user), none i can recreate & thus report as a bug, sorry, but at least a few times a day since the last update. It hasn’t lost a single word when this happens which is marvellous, but i wish i could identify why it does it at all. It’s only been so frequent while using this current beta.

What beta are you using? 023 has been released today containing bug fixes.

Hey, so it has! Brilliant, thanks for pointing that out Stacey. Yay!

You’re welcome. Enjoy the new beta.