Freezing left or right page

When I spilt the screen into say two vertical panels, I have a left and right panel. They can be the same text or two different texts.

If I want to refine my draft (using the same text in both panels) by rewriting a part of the left panel (new draft) it immediatly corrects the right panel (old draft).

Is there some way to temorarily Freeze one panel while you work on the same text in the other panel?

There is no way to do exactly what you want. Instead, take a snapshot (cmd-5) of your document, and then select Snapshots > Show Snapshots. This will allow you to view a “frozen” version of your document in a panel that you can resize. In a 1.0x release I hope to make these snapshots available in the inspector (not definite, I have to think about whether this is the best way of doing it) so that such reference is easier.
Thanks and all the best,