Freezing/long lagging when doing simple edits & commands

Hi - Starting yesterday, simple changes in Scrivener text are lagging/freezing. Examples include deleting a word, typing characters, or copying a short piece of text into a note. I’m using Scrivener for Windows (10) and syncing to Dropbox. I’ve checked download/upload speeds, which are fine. I’ve been using Scrivener with essentially no problems for years. This morning, Windows did updates; however, I was already having the problem yesterday. I have tried closing and reopening Scrivener, as well as rebooting. My file is basically unusable right now, and I don’t know what to do! Help is appreciated.

Also - clicking on the File tab for example just brings up an empty shell of a box, so that’s freezing, too.

Which version of Windows? Which version of Scrivener? How big is your project? Any images? Any imported files/images? Many comments/footnotes?

Without such information it’s very difficult to provide help.



Hi -Here’s some more info:

Windows 10 Home, Version 1903
There are no pictures in the file, just text. There is one hyperlink.
File size: 2.83 MB
Size on disk: 3.24 MB
Contains 207 files & 6 folders

Total size of my Scrivener files: 119 MB

Possibly the error occurs after I’ve been in full-screen mode and then return to regular mode.
I just tried going into full-screen mode and it just popped up the following error message (I don’t know how to append a copy here): "Scriv. encountered an issue whilst saving a project document…The specific error message…was as follows:
Could not save Binder.
Error: Could not open binder file.

Thank you!

In general, it is a bad idea to save your work to Dropbox or other internet-based drive sharing services, though you can safely set up a Dropbox folder as a backup location. See , for example.

Cloud synchronization services sometimes need to temporarily lock file access, which can cause problems for any application that was not designed to handle that (which most are not, because it can be a highly complex task, and typically is not worth the time and effort to program around the possibility that another application has messed with your files).

Hi dputnam4,

What version of Scrivener please?

Go to Help > About.


Are you trying to save the project into the same folder as the backups?

You do realize that the L&L link you point to directly contradicts the claim you have asserted, correct?

On a Mac or Windows PC, you can totally save your project to a Dropbox folder on your local file system. Some people say there is an advantage in pausing Dropbox while you are actively working on your project, but there are many of us who don’t do this and don’t run into issues.

In fact, if you want to take advantage of sync between a desktop version of Scrivener and the iOS version, saving and syncing via Dropbox is your only cloud sync option…