Freezing on Sync

I sync all my projects with external folders, but recently one project in particular hangs whenever it starts to sync (it gets to 15 of 32 and then freezes. The other projects are fine, and I’ve tried restarting my computer and saving the same project to a new external folder, but it’s always the same, it freezes when it reaches 15 of 32. Has anyone had this experience? How can I fix it?


I’m using OS 10.5.8

There could be something wrong with the 15th file. What I would try doing is renaming the sync folder to break the link, then create a new one using Scrivener to regenerate the files. Once you’ve done that, copy-drag the files into the new location from the old one; overwriting the ones in the new sync folder. Try files 1 through 14 first; sync those, then 16 to 32. If all goes well, try the 15th file and see if it then breaks. I’d copy out the good copy from the new folder first, in case it breaks, then you can drag it back it if need be.

Thanks! I figured out that file 15 was corrupted so I made a new file with the same text and deleted the corrupted one. Now everything is fine. Thanks for the help!

Great! Glad it had an easy fix.