Freezing on University computer


I’m trying to use Scrivener on networked PCs at my university for which I don’t have admin permissions. It’s downloaded fine but whenever I open a file it freezes. I can scroll the open page but can’t click on anything and get a ping noise when I try. The top toolbar (File, edit, etc) is greyed out.

All help appreciated.

You say it downloaded fine, but maybe not! I would put the app on a flash drive and run it from there. First try running it. On the flash drive from a non-lab machine to make sure it works. That way you will know if your problem has to do with the use of the lab machine.

You say you get a freeze when you try to open a file, but you don’t say what it is you are opening, so one can’t tell if the problem might be related to the thing you are trying to open.



Thanks for your suggestions, I emailed IT and they reinstalled the software. It was still freezing but I think it may have been due to an issue with connecting to the net for activation by way of the university intranet. I ran it off the flash as you suggested and it activated, now I seem to be able to use the version installed on the machine. Fingers crossed!