Freezing when highlighting

Hi! Love Scrivener except for this one thing I’m hoping someone can help with:

About once a day Scrivener will freeze when I’m trying to delete some text in a document by first highlight it by double-clicking. Everything hangs. Sometimes it come back after about 20 seconds, but other times it won’t, and I force quit. Unfortunately when I restart Scrivener will have highlighted a much larger chunk of text and deleted it. (Does that make sense? I don’t know how else to explain it.)

I’m not very techy, so I’m not sure how to solve this. I’ve turned off spellcheck and changed the auto-save to every 60 seconds. I’m running Scrivener on a year-old MBP without much junk on it. When I look at the Activity Monitor, I don’t see anything hogging memory.

Any thoughts? Thanks!

I wouldn’t suspect auto-save in this instance, as there aren’t many conditions that would cause it to hang up for that long (maybe if you were editing an entire history textbook, complete with print-ready images, in one single outliner file); so it should be safe to bring that back down to a safer level at your leisure.

Since you’re in Activity Monitor, next time it happens could you use the Sample toolbar button to grab a trace of Scrivener’s call stack while it is hung up? Just attach that as a zipped file to a response here.

Sure thing! I hope I did this right. It happened twice today, so I grabbed (at least I hope I grabbed) what you need each time.
Sample of (1.61 KB)
Sample of (1.66 KB)

I could be wrong, but it doesn’t look like Scrivener is actually doing a whole lot here. I wonder if perhaps some external program is butting in and freezing things up. Could you try logging out of your user account from the Apple menu, and then log back in with the Shift key held down for the entire log in duration. Just as soon as you hit Enter or click the log in button, hold it down, and keep it down until disk activity stops. It will probably log in far more swiftly than you are used to, as this is a bit of a “safe mode”. No background utilities will be running. Run your session that way for a bit and see if you encounter the problem again. If it appears clean, I’d check the start up items in your account preferences and see if there is anything that might be potentially conflicting here.

Thanks for this! I’m trying it out right now, after a 10-minute hang. Starting it up as you described does seem to have resulted in Scrivener running fine. The only difference I see is that Backblaze normally runs in the background and isn’t running now - could that be the snag? (I may be overlooking a ton of stuff.)

Hmm, maybe. I really don’t know anything about it in terms of how it works. Does it lock a file while it is uploading it as a backup? Maybe, if it is doing that, it could account for huge delays if the network connection is slow. There might be a setting you can change that will cause it to work periodically instead of aggressively while you work?