French Accents change when compiling to word.


Apologies if this question has already been asked, I did a search but couldn’t find an answer.

My manuscript has a lot of French language words, many with accents. All is well in Scrivener but when I compile the document to word, the accents appear differently. For example, I use the font Garamond but when the word appears in the compiled document the particular letter with a French accent appears in bold and in a different font.

Any ideas?’

Thanks for your help.

In the Scrivener -> Preferences -> Sharing -> Conversion pane, are you using the “enhanced” format converter? If you disable it, does that help?


Thanks for your assistance, unfortunately, that made it worse! The compile export wouldn’t even open in word!

If you open the Word file in Pages, are the accents okay?

If you compile to RTF and open in Pages and Word, are the accents okay?

If you use a different font and compile to Word / RTF, are the accents okay?

Attached is a sample project with some lines in French. For me this compiles to PDF and Word (opened in Pages) cleanly. Same for you? (85 KB)

What version of Scrivener do you have, please?

Can you type the same text in the same font directly into Word? Weird font issues often arise when the source and destination programs don’t support the same list of fonts.


I have version 3.1.5. I used to use pages before and I dont think I ever had the problem with French accents when exporting to word, so this is new. I don’t have word but will double-check with someone who has. Thanks for your help.

Thank you very much for the files. I’m going to work through them today. Oddly the accents do work in the text of the pages document, but not in the title at the top of every other page. I did compile in RTF but I’ll try a different font this time and check them both in pages and word to see if it works. Thanks again, I’ll report back.


I have the same problem (French accents in bold and in a different font).

The font I’m using is Times New Roman.

The sample project you shared compiles to Word cleanly for me.

It most be some update: I’ve compiled the same document before (half a year ago) using exactly the same compile options and did not experience this issue then.

Thanks for any help you may provide. (It’s kind of urgent.)

Apologies. This looks like it’s an issue with MS Word: … bd3c992c47

An update: I have tried deinstalling and reinstalling MS Word (as per the forum advice linked to in my previous post) but the issue persists. However, I have found that when I compile to rtf instead of docx all is dandy. (Voilà!)