French accents (è à î ê ... )

Hi, I’m a francophone using Scrivener on windows for about a week now. There’s a little think I don’t know if it’s from my computer or from the software, but here:

When I’m using OpenOffice, I got no problem
When I’m using Scivener, I sometime got to rewrite words with accent ( è à î ê …) cause it don’t write it on the first fast typing. When I go slow, it work. So, I don’t know if you see that on other computers (mine is not really new), so maybe the problem exist only here. I’d like to know.

[These letters are combo keys, not like “é” which is a single key by itself]

I just have the same problem, but with spanish written accents (á é í ó ú). In a first fast typing, they don’t show up; so I have to go back and rewrite the accents with slow (and angry) strokes. My computer is a bit old, so, as Jacco, I don’t know if it is because of that… :frowning:.