French novel and short stories

Scrivener is a great software, but a little too much anglo-american centred for a french writer.

In the anglo-american world, words count much than signs (characters and space), and for french writers and french translators, the unit is “le feuillet” (one page of 1500 signs). Maybe there’s an option, but I didn’t found it. When I write articles for newspaper, I’m asked to write 4 or 5 “feuillets”, there’s no words or signs or characters.

I imported some of my short stories in scrivener, and saw no pages, only the continuous document. For me, it would be interesting to materialize the pages (even with a mark in the document) with a 1500 signs limit (or whatever else). I need to visualize the limits and my progression.
It would be a huge improvement if we could formatting the text editing by signs size for the full screen view.

As a long-time writer, I’m able to know how much pages/feuillets I need to finish a scene or a chapter. I know my length, my “pace”. It would be great if I had a visualization of this. I should be able to say “Oh, I have still 3 ou 5 pages to go and I close this chapter” and see this by any means.

If the option exists already, the help menu didn’t help me. I’m still using Word (or Pages) because of this limit and because I need to see (or feel) the pages when i’m writing.

A page layout view will be coming in version 2.0

There have been discussions of the European focus on character counts before. If you look at the Text/Project Statistics windows, you can view character counts as well as word counts. I am pretty certain you can set target character counts (as opposed to target word counts) there also.


Perhaps I misunderstand what you’re looking for, but Scrivener does provide the ability to track characters/spaces, both as you work (in the bar at the bottom of the screen) and in the project statistics when you press Command+Shift+Option+S.

I know there is no built-in method to automatically break the document into parts of a desired size, but for short stories, you could use Scrivener’s character count to manually break apart the sections into different documents in the binder.

I include an example screen shot of a sample project I just created which shows the character count in the bar at the bottom of the screen:

I think what Romdalun is wishing is that Scriv would recognize a new unit of measure in addition to Word count and Character count. Imagine that there were three items at the bottom of the editor:

And where Unit is a pref-settable fraction of either the word or character count. Romdalun would set it so that Unit was always 1/1500 of the character count, i.e. so it counted feuillets.


P.S. Would a general page layout view actually help? Only if one could set the settings for the “pages” so that a page was always 1500 characters – which one might only be able to approximate.

Another thing of note: In the upcoming version of Scrivener, there will be a page view which was designed specifically for the types of writing where precise page metric is important. The impetus for its design was screenwriters, which use the page-per-minute rule of thumb, but since the function will be fully customisable, I don’t see why it couldn’t be altered to create a 1,500 unit (so long as a fixed-width font like Courier is used) page.

Also note that project statistics (View > Statistics > Project Statistics) gives a “paperback” page count for the draft. In the “Options” pane of the Project Statistics sheet, you can define the units that make up a paperback “page”. So, you could define a page as having 1,500 characters, and the “paperback” page count in Project Statistics would give you the count you are after.
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Thank you for the answers. I found the statistics, but I lack visualization. Happy to know that a page view will be implemented in the 2.0.

For me, it’s more about comfort or feeling, than rationalization (except the “feuillet” limit which is a professionnal need. It’s easier to view where you are in the feuillet than just counting signs). I know many writers who create with this in mind, so I’ll appreciate the option and recommand scrivener to some of my friends.

The Options pane currently only lets you specify a number of words to determine what counts as a “paperback page”. So, I guess the option to have it measure by characters is coming also in 2.0.


You sure about that, Greg? I’m not on my comp atm, but I recall noticing that I could use characters and wondering who would possibly need that. :wink:

Yup. Sure. I checked it again just to make sure in case I was insane. Nope (still).

Perhaps you were having a delirious precognizant vision of 2.0?


Nah. I just saw the character count about the same time I found the page definition section, so my memory got confused. My mistake, sorry. :slight_smile:

Or not. Sorry for the double post, but I just found what can help you:

Section targets.
Picture 2.png