French press (and Sainsbury's gluten-free English muffins)

I haven’t been around much (I’ve read posts but not commented) due to health-issues, but I did have to let everyone know about this wonderful discovery I made.

My parents drink coffee (I don’t. I know, I know, bad me!). I don’t have a coffee-machine and they managed with tea and other drinks until I happened to find something called a ‘French Press’. A simple pot with a sieve in the middle that you press down.
Made my parents really happy.

Who knows, I might start making coffee for myself now… (though I never did quite understood what attracts people to coffee…)

My other great discovery: Sainsbury’s gluten-free English muffins!
After lots of trial-and-painful-error my doctors and I came to the conclusion that eating bread (or wheat-products in general) really was a bad idea. Because I didn’t want to go back to the nutritionists with their contradicting advice and non-listening to me, I decided to go ahead and try gluten-free (easiest way to find wheat-free food). I found some that I can buy at a not-so-nearby store (mini baguettes, very handy and tasty) and then a friend from Canterbury brought me Sainsbury’s gluten-free English muffins, aaaaaah!
They taste very nice with a fried egg on them. And ketchup. And they remind me of regular bread a lot.

Oddly enough we don’t have a Sainsbury’s in Amsterdam, so today my friend brought me some more, and some pita-breads to try out. And cookies.

Aaah, the little pleasures in life!

Hope all of you are well!


p.s. My next project involves proper pizza-bases. I miss pizza.

A French press, with freshly roasted coffee (no more than a week, but 3–4 days is best) is an entirely different experience than most coffee (and generally isn’t bitter at all). Finding a place that sells fresh coffee can be tricky, it is even tricky in a place like where I live, where quality coffee is a huge past-time. Best luck is usually at a dedicated coffee house. If you see a place with green, unroasted beans in bins instead of dark brown beans, then you’ve probably hit a gold-mine. Two things to watch for, when you order it if you don’t have a grinder make sure they know you need a coarse grind. Most places will just assume you’ll be using it with a filter, which uses a much finer grind which will clog up the press and make it dangerously difficult to plunge.

Yes, the little pleasures indeed. Most are so cheap, and infinitely rewarding.

A good friend of my is a Coffee Roaster. He introduced me to “sampling” using a French Press. If used correctly they make a world of difference…

As to the muffins, myself I like McDonalds Egg McMuffins. Somethign about that gutter fast food reheated frozen breakfast treat that will clot your arteries and make you bleed gravy is very alluring.

Only you could make, 'coffee tasting’ sound like a kind of deviant behaviour.

Just what weve come to expect from the winged wassack, with its unsophisticated, jadedn jaundiced palate.

Only if done at the right temperature and in the nude. Anything else is time wasting foreplay. But I do recomeend avoiding the “Frying food in the nude” because that can be just dangerous.

Did you read the article about how addictive fatty food probably is? :wink:

I can’t stomach fast food (pun intended :wink: ) at all anymore.

tannie, my carrot topped, friend

…will only, ‘turn wock on’. Wock and the Sewerborge (Paul (thequietone)), are like a deviant, ‘TweedledumnTweedledee’!

Sorry to see you`ve been under the weather, I trust you are now, finer of fettle, than you were.

Take care

Ah well, guess i made their day then, huh? :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you. I have received multiple pokes with needles and nasty IV thingies and then they flooded my body with iron. Not noticing anything yet (apart from increased fatigue, they told me that could happen), but it should pay off in a week or two.
I slightly fear immense bouncing at that point (like Tigger)…

Meanwhile, I attempt to grow little vegetables in my windowsill. So far, I’ve had garden-cress and alfalfa. Nothing major, tasty nonetheless. (sorry Wock, this probably offends you :wink: ).



The goal of Uber Fattness…

[size=150]Why!?!?! You foolish bird brain!! WHYYY?!?!?!?[/size]

<Ugh!> But it reminds me of a report I read a few years back, of a man, somewhere in the north-western States — one would like to think it was Redmond :smiling_imp: — who had to be taken to hospital in emergency. He weighed over 900 pounds and had to spend his life lying on his stomach as, if he turned onto his back, the weight of fat would have crushed his lungs. Needless to say, he could not enter any non-prone position. To get him to hospital, they had to take the roof off the house and lift him out by crane. When interviewed by reporters, his wife said that she thought her husband’s condition was perfectly normal. Unbelievable!

The fattest man in the world is Manuel Uribe who weighed 1215 pounds