French stage script problem

Hi there,
I’m a quite long time Scrivener user now, but a rather short time script functionality user. Though I created my own radio drama script model with success. Now Id’ like to create a rather classical French drama script model, but I come up against a difficulty I can’t get round till now.

Here is what’ I’d like to achieve :

It means :
NAME_OF_CHARACTER_IN_CAPITALS_CENTERED then on the same line a coma, and the stage direction in italics and lower case

The idea is that, just after you type the character name in capitals, you just have to type a coma or a tabulation, and then you can go on writing the stage direction in lower case and italics on the same line.

I don’t know if I’m clear enough…

Well, I tried every thing, but I couldn’t achieve this exactly. Maybe with some Multimakdown or LaTeX code ?

If someone had a idea, would be great.
Big thanks in advance !



There’s no way to get the italics to appear automatically at the moment - you would need to hit Cmd-I to invoke italics manually. You’ll also want to set up the character style so that all-caps only go up to the first comma in the line (you can set that up in the script settings).

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Thanks, Keith !

Yes, I know, I already achieved to do that…

Too bad ! I’ll do it manually, then, or find another workaround.
Thanks for you quick reply !

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