French words

Please tell me how to put the e acute on cafe. I don’t use many french words but when I do I need to get it right!

Macs use a system similar to the AltGr method on Windows (though with different hotkeys). If you’ve never used that, the idea is to use a hotkey to add an accent type, and then type in the vowel that needs the accent. Opt-u will put you in umlaut mode and then typing the letter ‘o’ will combine the two symbols into öne.

Here is a quick tip page: Type Accented Letters with Accent Codes in Mac OS X

By the way the Keyboard Viewer utility (which you can enable in the Keyboard system preference pane) is a good reference for this kind of stuff. In addition to these diacritic markings, you can insert curly quotes (useful when smart quotes isn’t so smart) and many other common symbols. With that tool on the screen, hold down Option, and Shift-Option to see the various things you can insert.  :slight_smile:

Alternatively, hold down the appropriate letter key and a pop-up menu appears giving all available, appropriate accented options. é is the second if I remember rightly, so a tap on the ‘2’ key inserts it.

That said, I find opt-e +e more efficient.


Mr X

:slight_smile: Thank you very much. Most helpful. just what I needed to know.