Frequency Graph in Document Statistics

The little frequency graph that is located in document statistics does not seem to reveal very much information under normal conditions. The top four words (‘the’, ‘of’, ‘and’, ‘a’) all have very miniscule readings. ‘the’ has four pixels, and the other three have two or one pixels in their bar graphs. The rest of the list has nothing – just an empty rectangle. Perhaps the “amplitude” on the bar graph needs to be turned up a bit?

What do you mean by the “amplitude”?

The trouble with this graph is that if you have a gazillion words in your document, the bars are going to be miniscule. I don’t really see a way around this…

Aye. I figured it was a problem of that nature. By amplitude, I meant, tweak it so that instead of grading on the absolute, as it currently does, grade on the curve. The most frequent word would have a full bar graph, and everything else would be graded relative to it. By the definition of “frequency,” this would still be accurate information, just different information. It would be more interesting than several thousand empty rectangles, at the very least.

Ah. Not a bad idea. I’ll add it as a veeeeery low priority. (Which probably means I’ll be tempted to look at it in ten minutes’ time. :slight_smile: )

I always give a silent cheer when you put it at the bottom of the list. :wink:

Yeah, what did I say? :slight_smile: I couldn’t resist - this was an easy one. I’ve changed it for beta 3 according to your suggestion - and it does look much better.