frequent crashes of latest version of Scrivener


I’m new here and have looked through the forum to see if anyone else is having this problem but haven’t come up with anything. So if I’ve missed a previous discussion—my apologies!

Just upgraded to the latest Scrivener but I do not have Leopard running on my machine. Since the upgrade Scrivener has started crashing which it had never done before the upgrade.

It crashes most frequently when I try to open a new project. But also seems unhappy with the split screen option.

Has anyone else had this problem? What should I do to fix?



Please be more specific - this most likely belongs in the bug hunt forum, too. Just saying that “it crashes” unfortunately won’t help me track what might be happening. Needless to say, most users haven’t found that the new version causes frequent crashes, so something specific must be happening. You need to say exactly how and when it crashes, providing a crash log if there is one (although crash logs are useless without accompanying information). What exactly are you doing when it crashes? Please see this post for details of how to provide information that will help me help you with these sorts of problems: … c.php?t=52


My apologies. Next time it happens I’ll do exactly what you say and post it to the bugs topic.

No problem - I just like to track bugs as soon as I can. If you can remember any details about any of the crashes and how they happened, please do let me know. I try to ensure that Scrivener is as bug-free as possible, but bugs always creep in no matter how hard anyone tries, unfortunately…