Frequent Scrivener crashes when applying bulleted list to certain list items

Re-applying bulleted or numbered lists (if I wanted to change from one to the other such as from bulleted to numbered) has worked fine for me when all items in the list are the same format (same font, font color, not bold or italics, etc.). Additionally, if I create a set of non-bulleted items on iOS and then bullet them, the bullet is applied fine regardless of the formatting characteristics in the text created on iOS.

However, I now have a several longer list of bulleted items (to-dos) where I have color-coded some of the items (representing priority), have strike-through in others (designating it has been completed) that have been initially created on Windows and then worked on in iOS, and went to undo bullets and re-apply (to get consistent formatting on iOS version), or to change from a bulleted list to an numbered list, and when I select the section and apply the Preset for Lists, Scrivener crashes almost every time. If I limit the selection, so it is all one color text and all strike-through or not strike-through, then it works most of the (but not every) time. And if I only select one bullet at a time, it works most of the time (but not always).

Even after I have got all bullets formatted using the iOS Preset for bulleted list, the crash still occurs.

As far as I can isolate it, the crash occurs when the lists were initially defined on Windows and also have a variety of different formatting changes from item to item in the list (such as color and strike-through which I have been using) even once I have applied the iOS preset for bulleted list (through limiting the selection to one or two bulleted items at a time with the same formatting or by removing the bullet by backspacing into the one above and then hitting enter). No data is ever lost and I can just re-enter Scrivener for iOS without problems which is good.

If need be, I can send you a project where this occurs or provide screenshots of the selected area that causes it to crash, but there are many different combinations of selections that cause it to crash and many that do not. But at least it is consistent for the same selection every time, being it crashes or doesn’t. I just have not isolated exactly what specific formatting attributes and changes item-to-item make it crash.

I’d definitely be grateful for a sample project that crashes every time you select a particular section and apply bullets. Thanks!

Will do. I am off into Sydney now for today and tomorrow, so will will do so over the weekend.

Great, thanks. You can send it to either of the addresses you’ve used to email me before.

All the best,


Attached is a zipped project with 6 documents in the Research Folder. There are three documents formatted differently in terms of bullets: (1) pre-Windows 1905, (2) with Windows 1905 and (3) default formatting (again in Windows 1905). There is a backup copy of each in case you need to restore a fresh copy after testing.

In all cases, if you select the group of upper bullets or lower bullets and then enter the paintbrush icon to apply the preset for bulleted list, Scrivener crashes. You can then select smaller groupings of bullets and sometimes can get it to work or it may still crash. In general, it appears that when crossing over a formatting change (such as having a bullet without a strike-through followed by on with a strike-through) it crashes more frequently.

But even selected the last bullet on its own (cursor placed dot point only, no selection per se), then trying to apply bulleted list preset makes it crash. And if you select one of the green font, strike-through bullets in middle of upper set of bullets, it works at first and applies the preset properly, but if you undo it, then it crashes.

Play with it and I am curious as to the exact set of circumstances or what is causing it. And let me know if anything else you want me to do or try.
Dot Point Test for KB.scriv.rar (333 KB)