Frequently used phrases

I love Scrivener for Windows and have started writing exclusively in it!

There is one feature I would really like, and that is for the frequently used words list to also show frequently used phrases, to check for overuse.

It is so helpful to be able to see that you have used “for a moment” twenty-zillion times in your script, for example, and where!

PageFour does this, and so I find that everysooften I am copying out huge chunks of my text to place in there, just to implement this feature. If I could do it without leaving Scrivener, it would have everything I wanted - I would be in writing heaven!

Scrivener already does this! Click on the document(s) you wish to check in the binder. You can use Ctrl+click or Shift-click to select multiple documents.

Go to Project > Text Statistics or use Ctrl+Alt+T shortcut. Click on the triangle next to word frequency to get results.

Hope that helps!

yes, it would be splendid to have a “frequently used PHRASE” statistic. I could only repeat that wish.

The current text statistic shows just the single word and there frequently; a phrase statistic would be of much more help to analyse the text of “pet”-wording.

I just came across SmartEdit, which does exactly what rags is looking for. (

I wish Scrivener could do the same, not only the word-frequency tool.


I, too, would like to support this request. If find it can be a useful tool.

However, I do not know whether that would be infringing on Bad Wolfe territory. Both Page 4 & Smart Edit are part of this same stable.

SmartEdit is the exact same thing as in PageFour. They just made it into its own bundle for people not running PageFour.
So it is exactly the same as the thing in PageFour.