Fresh Trial Installation freezes on Start-Up


I’ve just installed the Windows Trial Version and it is not working.

When I try to start Scrivener, it opens a window titled “New Project”, all blank, and stays there forever.

I’m running it with Windows 7 Professional 64 bits on a i7-4820K machine (that’s 8 cores at 3.70 GHz) and 64 GB memory. The Scrivener process is taking about 12.5% of my CPU and 27.5 GB memory (quite a lot, I think), and still going nowhere.

Any suggestions? I’d really like to try out this software.

Could be a conflict with some other software running. You could try booting into Safe Mode with Networking and launching there to see if it all goes smoothly–if it does, that would suggest the conflict, and you could switch back to your normal boot and start disabling your other running software to figure out which it is. If you’ve got security software like Kaspersky or BitDefender, I’d start with those. Sometimes new versions of niche software especially flip them out (it can end up on the “unknown” list until a certain high number of users have successfully downloaded and run the software and report it safe, which can take a while) so it might just be preventing everything loading.

You could check also to see if anything is quarantined or otherwise flagged in your security software. Scrivener uses a few third-party components for compile and import conversion which, although harmless, sometimes get flagged and need to be whitelisted so you can properly run the software. It hasn’t happened often, but BitDefender gave us some trouble with VeryDoc’s Doc2Any converters, for example, and froze the software whenever they were called.

All right. It works in Safe Mode.

Problem is: the only security software I use is Microsoft Essentials. Disabling it didn’t make Scrivener work. Which other softwares may be affecting it?

What software do you run at start-up? Your best bet is probably to open msconfig and take a look at what’s in the Start Up tab. Disable everything, reboot normally, see if Scrivener starts then. If it does, re-enable half the start up programs and try again, and so on, to narrow down to the problem.

Here’s an article on using msconfig on Windows 7.