Friendly Suggestion ...

… for the wizards at L&L. I’ve noticed a lot of Scrivener iOS users asking if the mobile version can do this or that thing they’re used to doing on their housebound versions of Scrivener. It’s safe to assume these questions will continue coming in as users continue to get acclimated to iOS Scrivener and incorporate it into their workflows.

So, while I can imagine you all would rather talk up what iOS Scrivener can do rather than what it cannot, perhaps if you all created a sticky comparing the iOS app’s capabilities with those of desktop Scrivener, that might be helpful to some folks. Just a thought.

This has been my thought: man, oh man, look at what it CAN do!!! Pinch to zoom, and that three-panel, customizable edit bar above the keyboard—those two alone are so over the top brilliant (and useful) that I think they alone make up for what isn’t there (yet).

It’s early. It’s the FIRST version. There is plenty of room for improvement, and I think we’ll see plenty of it.

I agree with your first sentiment. I’ve been astonished at how remarkable the iOS app is. It’s probably the best mobile version of a desktop application I’ve ever encountered. I’m actually not so sure there is plenty of room for improvement. There are additional features I might like to have on hand, but I can’t imagine iOS Scrivener’s design being much better. Anyway, it simply occurred to me that a quick reference comparing iOS to desktop Scrivener would be helpful to many users. I hadn’t thought out any far-reaching political ramifications.

The problem is that the Mac and Windows apps are not equal, yet, in what they offer, and you can’t really compare OS X/Windows software with iOS apps.

If I remember correctly the iOS app was, at least initially, described as a companion app, not as a standalone software. Now it turned out to be very powerful, but it’s still basically a mobile desktop-Scrivener companion