Frightening scrolling bug

Okay. So it seems I’m suddenly starting to run into one thing after other — weird, since I’ve been using Scrivener since 2.0 was released and I’ve hardly had a single problem. Until now:

This may possibly be the same problem described in the “Cursor flips back to beginning of document” thread, I’m not sure. But here goes:

After rearranging some scenes inside a chapter (folder) I am suddenly having BIG problems using arrow keys to step down through what I’ve written. When reaching the bottom of the screen, rather than having the document scroll, the cursor will disappear down off screen.
If I then two-finger-scroll (i.e. scroll-wheel-scroll without a mouse) I can manually move the document further down, i.e. past the point where the cursor disappeared. But:

If I scroll until I the cursor (and current line) becomes visible on screen, I can hit arrow down until it’s time for a new scroll — but at that point, instead of scrolling down again as it should, the document jumps up to the first line of the first scene of the folder.
Alternatively, if I don’t mouse-wheel-scroll far enough, i.e. I don’t let the “current line” appear onto the screen, then my first arrow-key press will immediately result in the document jumping back to the first line of the first scene in the current folder.

Bottomline: It seems Scrivener is stuck in a place where, after rearranging scenes, it can’t scroll down but rather jumps up to the beginning of the script/current folder.

This happens consistently, not only in the folder where it started but everywhere. Closing Scrivener doesn’t help. I’m so frustrated I could… do things.

Now, what’s REALLY frustrating is that if I open the exact same document on my old computer, it works just the way it should. But no matter how I restart Scrivener on this machine (even after having saved the document on my second, non-problem-ridden machine) this one still refuses to scroll the way it should. It seems to be related to this install (suddenly!) rather than to the document itself.

Please help, as I really really need to keep working with this story — on this machine — first thing wednesday morning… I really can’t think of anything to do here.



Have you tried the public beta version, yet? It has a lot of bug fixes applied to it which only exist on Lion, and sound a lot like the stuff you are describing; especially when you say the older system is working fine.

Okay: I may have solved it myself — repeat, MAY have — by desperately playing around with stuff and making some discoveries.

See, it seems I can get Scrivener to scroll correctly — if I choose another zoom level!
I recently set the zoom level to 110% (I’m not talking composition mode, but the regular view) and perhaps I haven’t been in a non-composition mode scroll situation since then, and that’s why I didn’t experience it until now, I don’t know for sure.

But what I know is this: If I change the zoom level from 110% to something else, scrolling behaves nicely again.
Setting it to 110% — voilà, the screen won’t scroll, and may jump back to beginning of folder at unexpected times.

So, big panic attack temporarily eased.
But please look into it and tell me if 110% zoom is indeed the only thing causing this, or if there’s something else I should fear down the line.

Thanks again,


In fact, the “older system” is an older computer but with Lion on it, too. So it’s not Lion related, at least not “just” Lion related.

Haven’t tried if 110% zoom causes the same problem on my old computer (it’s past bedtime now and I have a slight panic attack from fear-of-losing-half-a-novel to recuperate from :slight_smile: ) but I can check it out tomorrow. Right now, I’m just happy to write it off as a potential zoom bug in Scrivener. Anything as long as I know the document is all right.



Ah, older hardware, no that shouldn’t make a difference you are right.

Do you perhaps have the centring options (Editor tab) turned off on one machine and not the other? That is the known trigger for the scrolling bug. I wasn’t aware of zoom causing any issues with scrolling (though zoom often is a culprit in display glitches like this).

Center, as in center horizontally?
The answer is yes.

First, a little surprise:
At zoom levels lower than 125 percent (which is where the page, the way I’ve divided my screen, won’t reach the edges of it’s pane, i.e. the background can be seen) checking and unchecking “center” makes the page jump horizontally — to centered or flushed to the left pane edge.
But. At zoom levels from 125 and up, i.e. where the page edges are obscured, checking and unchecking “center” rather makes the page jump up and down. Isn’t that a strange behavior?

Anyway, the interesting result of your suggestion:
You’re totally right. Turning “center” off, gives me scrolling back at 110% zoom.
So, while it may be related to the width of the pane, at least on my setup the combination of checking “center” and having zoom to 110% kills scrolling.

On my old computer, however, I first discovered that center and 110% could live together.
But: on that machine my document pane was smaller, and the edges weren’t visible.
Resizing it, so the entire page width fits (barely) in 110%, the scrolling dies there too!
(Actually, at this point, I can’t even scroll with the wheel/two-finger swipe, but the document stays totally static even though the scrollbars move…)

So. I think I’m getting down to a description.
If zoomed to 110%, with the page width visible inside the pane edges, and if checking “center pages”, then the document doesn’t scroll properly.

Phew. At last I think I posted a bug in the right forum… :slight_smile:

Anyway, happy the document isn’t broken and that I can keep working.
But hope my combinations here can lead to eliminating the bug.



Have you tried the beta Ioa linked to, though? That should have fixed all of these centring-related scrolling bugs.

I’m frankly a bit wary of working in betas.
Is this an exceptionally stable one…?

(Don’t want to judge you by the programming standards of other, let them remain unnamed, writing software. Not least since I already find Scrivener to be a Jaguar where those unnamed ones are hardly even broken carts. But it’s just that I’ve learned my lesson…) :slight_smile:

All the betas provided in the beta forum tend to be more stable than the regular version, since they are mostly bug fixes with a few extras here and there, on the way to becoming the next update, so it should be fine. It’s the big version updates (1.0 -> 2.0 and suchlike) that tend to be more buggy.

All the best,