from MindManager to Scrivener ?

Hello there,

I use to work ideas and structure initial thoughts using MindManager. As a newcomer to Scrivener, I would be delighted if I only could transfer the data from MindManager to Scrivener. The data in MM being the structure of my work, I would like to import it into the binder of Scrivener.
I searched for a solution over Internet and in this forum, but without finding it.
Does any of you guys work in a similar manner? Do you have any suggestion or workaround, or do I have to wait until a future release to solve this issues?


Hi Francisko
I to use mindmanger what I have done is to save the .xmmap file to my writing folder and then drag & drop it into Scrivener Research folder once I have opened Scrivener.
Although you cannot see the mind map it does create a hyper link which when pressed takes you to the file you want.
Sorry if you have already done this and a solution was needed for the problem you spoke of.
Regards grandad7(now 8)

I’m not a Windows user, but with the Mac version of Scrivener all you have to do is export from MM as an opml file and then import the opml file into Scrivener. All levels import quickly and correctly. Hope that may help you.



I’d need to check, but I think OPML is still non-functional for import at this time. I believe it’s one of the things we need to get in sooner than later though, as that is an older feature—I could be wrong on that score though. What some people did before OPML import arrived in the original Scrivener was use a macro or script to turn an outline into folders and files. If you drop a folder tree into the binder it will be faithfully reproduced.

Thanks to all of you for the replies

As far as I understand it, and from what I got from playing around, OPML import is not implemented in the Windows version up to now, as it is on the Mac version. I hope it will be added someday, or even better, that it will be possible to import directly outlined text (plan mode in Office applications) into the binder. Currently I re-type the structure defined in MindManager into the binder of Scrivener, which is far from being convenient and doesn’t allow back and forth processing.
Because as much as I like my new best friend Scrivener, there is nothing like mindmapping software to explore a concept and built the frame of a new document. Maybe this statement is not true for everybody, as I write mainly technical documents.


I will try this workaround and let you know the result. Thanks for the trick.

I’m currently using Freemind on all of my PCs and iThoughts HD on my iPad. The KEY tool being iThoughts because it’s ALWAYS with me. I can interchange the files easily and export from either to HTML. When I import the HTML file into Scrivener it functions just like a collapsible outline. It edits as an RTF and won’t go back into mind mapping format, but if need to change something major I can quickly shift to the other tool and import a new rev (that way I don’t lose any changes may have made to the first import)