From Novel to Screenplay?

While drumming my thumbs, waiting impatiently for my literary friends to finish reading my just-finished novel and tell me where the suckage lies–while also, of course, trying not to beaver back into the manuscript and obsessively mess with things–it occurs to me (actually, it occurred to David Hewson, and I nicked the idea off his blog) that having a look at The Thing in Scriptwriting format might be a useful editing exercise, particularly with structure and dialogue.

Does/has anyone here do/done this? Am I correct in assuming I’d start a new project, enable the Scriptwriting mode and template, and then drag the result into the Research folder of the Novel and then work on it from there? I assume I’d have my working novel draft open in one window and the Script in the other, and visualize/paraphrase the novel in the script.

I’m not interested in writing a real screenplay. Just in devising a more visual way to see what’s going on throughout the novel, with all the necessary clutter peeled off and tucked safely away.