from old beta to new beta (or official release)

Hello, I have installed the current beta version of Scrivener for Windows, which will expire in a few weeks. After this date I should uninstall it and install the new version (the new beta one or, hopefully, the official release). What will happen to my data? I have a manuscript, which is divided in chapters, with notes and bookmarks attached, etc. How can I be sure that all these files will be still available after the new installation?
Thank you

Just be sure you know where on your hard drive these projects are. Navigate to them once you’ve got the latest version of the beta insalled, and double-click on the .scrivx file within the project to open it in Scrivener.

Uninstalling Scrivener will probably wipe out the “recent projects” list, but it won’t affect anything outside of the Scrivener program files install location (I think that’s C:/Program Files/Scrivener…) and the Windows registry. Keep your data out of the install directory, and in a place that gets backed up regularly, and you’ll be fine.

Only thing to add is that uninstalling/reinstalling Scrivener will delete any customizations you’ve made via Options.

If you want to keep your customization, then prior to uninstalling, save them to a file. (File > Options > Manage > Save Options to file)

After reinstalling, load them back into Scrivener from the file. (File > Options > Manage > Load Options from file)


Thank you all