From placeholders to my information?

When I compile my document, the output begins with

Your name
Your address
Your phone number
Your e-mail address

(Your agent’s name)
(Your agent’s address)
25,300 words
Can I enter my name somewhere so I will appear where it says “Your name” etc.?
Many thanks.
Scrivener rocks!

Not at the moment, no; these are just static placeholders for you to fill out. If you’re creating a lot of the same type of projects, you could create your own project template with this information already filled out. Just start a project, set it up with the information you want (also set up status and label information, if you keep that the same for projects, or display options like whether to show the status on the index cards on the corkboard), then choose File > Save As Template… to make your customized starter project.

Thank you. Exactly what I need.