From Scrivener to Pages 09 for print

I’m having problems exporting for paperback. If I do it in Word, it doesn’t format the headers and gives me two extra per page compared to when I export to PDF. I tried adjusting the margins but it didn’t help.

Since I need to format the final result some, I don’t want to use PDF. I tried creating in Word and then opening it in Pages and it actually gives me the correct number of lines but it eliminates all my italics. I even tried just copying from Scrivener and pasting directly into Scrivener and it got about 2% of my italics but that was it.

So how can I get my manuscript into Pages (or any printable format) with italics?

The best way to get to Pages from Scrivener is to use the .doc/x format (either is fine) with the improved converters switched on. You’ll find the option to enable that in the Import/Export preference tab. If you haven’t set that up before you should click the button below the checkbox to download and install Java.

If you’d prefer to not use that, then you’ll run into a bit of a problem with Page’s file support. It doesn’t read RTF files too well, and meanwhile without those converters Scrivener can’t really make a good .doc/x file (it just uses the built-in OS X as a fallback). The best way without the converts is to use a piece of software in between Pages and Scrivener. You need one that can both open an RTF file well, and save a .doc/x file well. OpenOffice, Nisus Writer Pro, and of course Word will provide the best results here.