Front/Back Matter with Current Selection in Compile


I have a project for my dissertation, but in the process of writing that, I’ll also write some shorter pieces, like summaries or thematically adjacent papers. I’m also using the Front/Back Matter function for my LaTeX-Code.

I don’t actually want a separate Scrivener project for all those little side projects and I also don’t want to have those in my Draft folder (as this is for my dissertation proper), so I have a special folder for these side projects. Now, when I compile these side projects, I select the folder of said side project and choose “Current Selection” in the compile window. Problem is, I still use LaTeX in my side projects, but the Front/Back Matter selection is greyed out when I use “Current Selection” for compiling.

Is there a way to use the Front/Back Matter when compiling with folders that are not the Draft folder?

Thanks a lot! I hope I could make my problem clear.