Front Matter and Contents


I am struggling to get the Front Matter selected in a compile for Kindle .mobi format to come out BEFORE the generated table of contents.

The front matter is defined, and appears in the generated .mobi file, but always comes out AFTER the generates Contents, when obviously I want it to appear as the first thing in the file.

I’ve been struggling with this now for a couple of hours and seem unable to make any difference.


At the end of your front matter, create a blank page with “Page break before” set, and type only the following onto the page:


Then, make sure you title the document the same as whatever is given as the contents page name in the “Layout” pane of Compile (“Contents” by default).

To explain:

• Scrivener generates the contents page at the front by default.
• You can, however, create a custom contents page by creating a document with the name specified in the “Layout” pane and creating Scrivener links to create the contents links.
• Or, instead of creating your own Scrivener links, typing “<$toc>” on that page tells Scrivener you want it to generate its default ToC links right there.

Come to think of it, it would be a good idea to have an option to have the contents page generated after front matter, so I’ll add that to the list.

All the best,

Tess, are you a Windows or Mac user? Your profile says Windows (under your forum handle), but you posted in the Mac forum.

Thanks for the reply, Keith, I’ll try that out. Might be an idea to add an option to put Front Matter at the front - I still think in terms of actual printed books even when compiling for eBooks and to me all that stuff belongs at the start.

@Robert - I use both Mac and Windows versions. At home I use a MacBook exclusively for writing and that gets the highest word count. At work we use Scrivener for most of our staff as it’s great at creating business documents due to the outlining nature. I tell all the folks I meet at business meetings how great Scrivener is and a few of them have become converts (it’s so easy to be converted!)

Ah, good. There’s a setting now for both Windows & Mac, so that people know you’re using both and can address your questions know that. Your workplace provides Scrivener for you? That is pretty cool.

Sorry - still don’t get this.

I’ve added a folder called FRONT MATTER with two documents within - one called Front the other Contents which contains only <$toc>

When I add this folder as the front matter and check include in compile the front matter part comes out but not the Compile document, and front matter is included in the automatically generated table of contents.

When I uncheck include in compile the front matter does not appear.

I’ve included a screenshot of my compile settings as an attachment.

I don’t know for sure, but looking at Keith’s text …

… And then looking at your image, it seems that you have not got the Page Break Before set. If you tick the box, does this make a difference?



OK - Getting somewhere now, slowly.

I did as you suggested (it had been checked on before but I’ve been getting so confused I must have unticked it again). That didn’t make any difference, but what did was I needed to check on the Title Adjustments settings so as not to add front matter documents to title prefixes and suffixes and this seems to have fixed it. Now the only issue is I still have an entry in my contents shown as Front - I guess I can live with that by changing it to the title of the book, but I’d prefer it wasn’t there.

Again, I don’t know if this will work or not, but it might do what you want…