Front Matter composition?

I have searched through the User Manual and looked at “Scrivener for Dummies” but I can’t seem to find something that would walk me through how to construct a Front Matter folder for my manuscript, which I will need to compile as Non-fiction Academic Ms.

Is there a place to go to get some help on this? Thank you.

There are the videos on compiling. I think the one entitled “Compiling Using Presets” is the one.

You can also create a new project from the Novel template, as that has a pre-configured front-matter folder, with examples for 3 kinds of publishing targets. I also noted that there’s a special “placeholder tag” (a list is available under Help) for a blank page, if you need that.

From what I can tell, formatting is often something you do using the “Compile As-Is” checkbox in the inspector, and just fiddling with it until you get all of the margins and tab setting just right.

Is there something in particular you’re having trouble with that the above doesn’t illuminate?

Thanks. I need to use Non-Fiction Manuscript, so tried to create some Front Matter with a Folder in the “Research” section. It only compiles as the same code that I put in the Editor.