Front matter for dissertation

I’m near completion on a full draft of my dissertation (linguistics) and ready to compile the whole thing. I’ve encountered a couple of questions to do with front matter material:

  1. I have been using <$n:figure:name> and <$n:table:name> to automatically number figures and tables (and examples) and would like to create a numbered list of each (ideally, with page numbers): List of Figures, List of Tables. Is there a way to do this automatically in Scrivener? It seems like it should be possible, but I haven’t yet found a way. I vaguely remember another way to tag figures with !figure and !table and wonder if this has anything to do with it?

  2. I am using a modified version of Non-Fiction with Subheads (Hierarchical) so I get the numbered sections I need for my discipline. I removed all numbering from the section titles (to avoid redundancy) – but the “copy special to ToC” feature seems to just involve copying the text as-is from the section names in your outline. Do I need to go back and add numbers again to the outline titles? Or is there another way to produce a ToC that will reflect the compilation formatting?

Thank you!

On the first question: I can’t think of a good way of doing that. Nothing is really “aware” of these things, except during compilation. Usually more sophisticated stuff like that, we recommend using a word processor to finish off the document. Scrivener is only intended to do so much beyond the actual writing part of things.

That is just a shortcut for the longer method you’ve been using, with the full placeholder. In the Replacements compile option pane, preset tab, you’ll see how it works. The search basically looks for the stuff around the $@ code. It then stores the stuff in between the two “end caps” and prints that into the replacement in the similarly indicated position. Thus, !fig(name_of_figure) will become <$n:figure:name_of_figure>. It’s just a little easier on the eyes, with the shortcut.

On the second question, have you tried compiling yet? You should be getting numbered entries in the ToC, in the output file, when you do. The way this works: there is a setting in the Title Adjustments compile option pane, Update titles in document links with prefix and suffix settings. That will convey anything you put into the prefix or suffix fields for those titles. So as long as your numbering is coming out of the Formatting pane, and you have that checked off, then the compiled output should be numbered. This will hold true for any cross-referential Scrivener Links you may have used, too.