Front Matter Formatting troubles

Hi there,
Little troubles with compiling a book/novel manuscript for epub/mobi. Any patient help would be appreciated.

So, my front matter consists of two separate pages.

  1. Title Page/Copyright
  2. Dedication

I keep monkeying around with it, and it’s still not quite right

Under “Draft”, the two front pages are separate Text files on the same level as the Chapters, which are marked as Folders.

However, the two front text files are being treated as “Scenes” with my custom “***” separator.
I want them to be two separate pages, without messing with the separators between scenes in the chapters proper.

When I switched the front matter Text files to FOLDERS, it compiled them as separate pages, but didn’t put the text from the folder on the page. Instead there was a front page that read “TITLE PAGE” and a second page that read “DEDICATION” (obviously the titles of the folders rather than the contents.)

I’m sooooooo close to getting this right, and it’s just these little problems holding me back. I’ve got an author’s note to be included as back matter but I haven’t even included that yet— the front matter is trouble enough.

I hope I’ve explained the situation clearly enough. Your help would be greatly appreciated.

Convert the files back to being files (not folders).
For each document, select “Page Break Before” in the Inspector’s meta-data section.

That will get rid of the text separators, and will make them separate pages.