Front Matter/Front Page Header

From where does Scrivener obtain the data to populate the “Front Matter/Front Page Header” for short stories? (and wherever else that data is used?)

Background: I just downloaded the free trial of Scrivener and so far it seems like the answer to my writing and organizational dreams. My first question comes after completing the tutorial and trying it for writing a short story.

After creating a new project, selecting fiction and finally ‘short story,’ the “Front Matter/Front Page Header” information was populated by… my wife’s name and contact info, not mine. There lies my question. The MacBookAir is mine…not hers, the system id info is me me me…so where did her info come from? Her only connection to Apple is an old iPad which now has her account info on it; but that shouldn’t be relevant. I entered no payment info when I dl’d the trial.

I did change the info to me, and now that field is populated by my contact info, but I am still curious. Thanks.

Mare Sea Bow Coop.

By default it picks up the details from whichever card in the Contacts app is set as your own card.

That’s interesting. Raises more questions… but thanks!