Front matter in compile (standard behavior or bug?)

My front matter has multiple itens which correspond to different LaTeX packages. When its time to compile, I check the boxes of the packages I want to add.

To my surprise, I doesn’t matter which items I check or not, all of them are getting included in the compiled document regardless.

Is this standard behavior? If so, it doesn’t make sense to me and I think it would be preferable if I could check the boxes in order to decided what will get included or not (otherwise, what would the purpose of the checkbox be?)

P.s.: I checked the manual (I actually enjoy reading the documentation), but didn’t find any info specifically on this.

Probably these items are being added elsewhere, most likely via the LaTeX Options panel of the Compile Format. See Chapter 21 in the manual for more information about Markdown, LaTeX, and post-processing workflows generally.

The Front Matter folder is really intended for things like Tables of Contents and Copyright pages, and the idea is that you would have a separate folder for each of several output formats. (A paperback book might need different Front Matter from an eBook, say.) The LaTeX header information goes “in front of” the Front Matter, so to speak, because it’s information for the LaTeX engine, not content for the (human) reader.

These options, you mean?

This might help speed things up.

[video removed as it is no longer relevant]

Have you reviewed the section of the manual that I indicated?

There are at least three different ways to get LaTeX markup out of Scrivener. You can put raw markup in the project and compile as plain text, or you can use either Markdown or Pandoc as an intermediate step. It’s hard to offer useful advice without more information.

In your original screenshot, click the “funnel” icon to see what filters you have applied, as these will affect what is actually included in the output.

In the second screenshot, look at the Processing tab.

I have. Have you seen the video I posted?

There is no post-processing going on, by the way.

Ok, solved. The funnel is to blame. I had understood that the checkboxes would still be relevant when the option is set to “All”. I think they ought to be greyed out to avoid confusion. But anyway, just glad it works again. Thanks @kewms.

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I v used the template of non-fiction format for latex,and selected print and non-fiction manuscript,but the result of pdf of front and back matter,include table of contents ,did not display correct form。

How can I do?