Front matter margin issue when compiling

I recently upgraded to Scrivener 3, and I’m struggling with an issue I haven’t seen before.

I’m a children’s author, so I compile my front matter inline with the main text—everything appears on one page (versus the front matter sitting on its own page).

Here’s the issue: when I compile, my front matter is inset slightly to the right of the main text.

The inset is a little larger than a character width, so it’s slight, but noticeable.

I’ve check page sizes, preferences, section types, section layouts, and tabs and indents to no avail. (Even when I set the front matter and the main text to the same section type, I have the same issue.) I’ve included screen captures of the tabs as a first question I would ask someone.
Front matter.png
Body text.png

Any advice would be much appreciated!

Here’s the difference, measured.


If you load the compiled document in your word processor and have it show invisible characters, do you see anything that might explain the difference? And in Scrivener, I’d do the same thing on this section (View ▸ Text Editing ▸ Show Invisibles) and look for blue lines around the text. If you see that, right-click and delete the table from the Table contextual menu.

Some of our prefab title pages use invisible tables to lay out text in left/right columns. If you based your modified title block on one of these, it might have come along for the ride.

You are a genius. I was going loco trying to figure out what I had set wrong.

Thanks so much for your help and my sanity. :slight_smile: