Front Matter page number format bleeds to Main matter in drafts from Blank and Paper (APA) templates

Hi All,

Im trying to use Roman numerals for the Front matter (‘First pages’) and Arabic for the rest. Ive set the relevant footers to <$p-r> and <$p> in Compile settings. While the Front matter pages in the compiled document (in Word) do have Roman numerals, so do the Main matter pages. Curiously those pages that might be Back matter (eg References) do have Arabic page numbers, even though I have not designated them as Back Matter in Compile.

Ive attached a sample project which demonstrates the issue. I first noticed this in the Paper (APA) template, but now I notice that it also affects docs compiled from the Blank template, which is of more general concern.

BTW: I was using the Paper (APA) as a starting point to create a Thesis (APA) template, hence the desire for Front Matter. I have since given up on that approach, and have started from scratch using the Blank template.


APA with Front (205 KB)