Front matter page numbers

I finally have my book ready for publishing. The only problem is that the title page keeps having the page number “1” added to the bottom. I can make it disappear by choosing the Publishing option under Print Settings when Compiling but then I get a lot of widows and orphans within the text. If I choose Proofreading as the Print Setting, the widows/orphans disappear but the page number shows up.

The page number is correct within the rest of the book so having a page number on the title page doesn’t necessarily hurt the book, it just looks bad. I’ve tried hiding the page number by placing a white box over it in Preview but then I get a “shadow” that shows up in the final proof. I’ve also tried adding a white box in Adobe Acrobat but it doesn’t embed and the page number appears in the final proof. I even tried “painting” over the offending page number using GIMP/Photoshop and exporting as a PDF but the page number shows up in the final proof.

Since this is the last thing I need to correct before submitting my book for publishing, I’d really like to get this resolved. Is there any settings within Scrivener that will make the front matter page numbers go away while addressing the widows and orphans?

How about a different first page header/footer, and remove the number from that?

Section 24.22.3… … df#page333

That mostly helped. I did change it to different first pages header/footer, which didn’t help, but when I changed the starting location from automatic to Page 2, it got rid of the title page footer.

Of course, now my book includes the front matter in the page numbers so the story actually starts on page 3, but I’m willing to live with that to get it out the door.