Front matter selection not possible


I am a new scrivener user and so far I love the program. I currently try to design some good compile settings for academic papers and wish to include a frontpage with some basic information.

In my binder I created a folder called front matter (as this seems to be what people do). I then created a title document that I formatted the way I want it. When I try to compile, however, I cannot seem to be able to choose the front matter when I tick the box for “add front matter” under “content” in the compile settings. All it saids is “none” when I try to use the drop down menu.

Any ideas on why this is so?



Ps. I understand that I may work around this by placing my title document at the top of the binder and simply compile it as the first document, but still I want to have it organized in a separate folder.

The problem is that your “Front Matter” folder is already inside the Draft/Manuscript folder. Anything in there isn’t available to the “Add front matter” option since anything in there will be compiled anyway, so selecting it again would result in it being added twice. So just move your front matter folder outside of the Draft folder.

All the best,


Figuered it was something simple like that! Ty for the information though.