Frontmatter order in Contents for Mobi compile

I’m pretty new to using Scrivener for compiling for ebooks. I’m on a Mac with Scrivener 2.5. I want to compile a book with front matter for Mobi using Kindlegen. The problem I can’t seem to solve is how to get the front matter to show up before the contents file and not be included in the contents. I’ve put the front matter folder in the research folder and all the documents within are at a different level from the chapters/body of the book. I’ve checked compile As Is for each of the front matter files. I’ve clicked the use front matter checkbox in the compiler. Page numbering and title formatting for the rest of the book are perfect. It’s just getting the front matter to show up where I expect, in the front, before the Contents and Intro/chapters,etc. Probably, there’s something simple I’m just not seeing. Any ideas?

Many Thanks,


I believe that a Scrivener-links based TOC will do what you want…