Froze on Compile (Version: Beta (664545) 64-bit - 27 Aug 2019)

I tried compiling to the Scrivener project folder, got the error msg saying I couldn’t, but then the spinner just kept spinning and the msg box stayed greyed out, so I couldn’t click the “OK” button. That was it, Scrivener froze. I tried click-x and selected “Wait for the program”. (Oddly, sometimes that sometimes works.) Nothing changed. I finally closed 'er down.

I was unable to replicate this. Does this occur each time you attempt this with the project? Or was it a one time occurrence?

I guess it was one time. I can’t replicate it either. I tried twice doing what I did when it got stuck (best I can remember) and I get still the “Cannot save to a project’s folder” msg, but it works fine and I can click “OK” to close it.

OK, if it ever happens again what can I do to create a dump/whatever that might give you some clues?

Well, you could turn on File > Options > Warnings > Show internal log console, but that would have to be on before it occurred, and will be annoying in the meantime. Really if it happens again we will just have a second data point and can start figuring out what the two instances may have had in common.