Frozen Scriv


Yesterday afternoon the 50K word doc I work on every day suddenly would not open after I clicked “Load Web Page” for a bookmarked article and got the endlessly spinning circle. Message with yellow exclamation point tells me the doc cannot be opened and the file “does not exist.” Yikes.

Everything in Scriv Help menu is dimmed. The four docs in the Window menu are dimmed as are other commands (except for “layout.”) Many but not all menu commands are dimmed. I can see other docs but they’re dead and I can’t use them.

All other apps unaffected.

I’m running Scriv3 on High Sierra v 10.13.6.


Updating to say that Oliver at Scriv helped me resolve the issue.

Required a force quit, shutting down my Mac, reopening et voilà.

I have no idea what went wrong, but I’m greatly appreciative! :smiley: