frozen word count in Project Targets


My manuscript word count is frozen at 43,750. I have it set to include only documents in compile, but even when I’m working in documents that are checked to include in compile, the overall word count isn’t changing. The session count seems to be working just fine; I’m not sure whether I inadvertently changed a setting? It didn’t change even when I unchecked a couple of documents from “include in compile”- even with some of the larger text sections unchecked, the manu word count didn’t change.

When I try to use the Project Statistics to check my word count, that’s frozen at 43,789. Even when I type or delete words, that also stays frozen.

Please advise! Thanks :slight_smile:

Just a thought – are you sure that the documents you’re adding to are in the drafts/manuscript folder? It’s sometimes happened to me that I’ve accidentally generated a duplicate document, moved it to the trash, and then continued typing in it and wondered why my word count wasn’t going up.

Yes, the documents I’m trying to compile are in the Manuscript folder or subfolders (though I too have had the accidental duplicate thing happen more than once; the touchpad on my laptop is ultra sensitive and possibly haunted, lol).

I installed the update this morning; the release notes said there was a bug fix to address this problem, but after the install and a system restart my word count is still frozen at 43,750, and stays that way even after I’ve typed something in a document I have in the Manuscript folder and checked to include in compile. Not sure if there’s something else I need to do to get that bug fix to take effect?

This isn’t a bug that was addressed in the update, no. Project Statistics takes settings from compile, so if it were just that one acting up I’d say check the compile settings, but Project Targets is much simpler, using just the editor text from the Draft documents. Could you grab a screenshot of the binder showing the Draft folder and some of the documents you’ve been trying to work in? That might offer a clue to specific settings triggering the bug. Do you have individual document targets set for any of these documents? If so, are those reflecting the proper word count as you add or remove words?

Hello again :slight_smile:

I’d be glad to grab a screenshot but I’m not sure how to post it in this thread.

I don’t have individual document targets set. I do use a Session Target of 500 words, and whenever I’m typing in a document the Session Target count reflects the growing word count correctly, but the Manuscript Target above it doesn’t move even when the Session Target does.

It seems like there are two folders (with their subfolders) that just aren’t being counted. I’m not sure if I somehow managed to throw different settings on them, though they are all checked to be included in compile with everything else. It doesn’t seem like they are being included in terms of word count, but my settings for word count are to include only documents that are included for compile.

I just clicked each folder and added up the words; all told, my manuscript word count should be 113,138 (which is kind of awesome, hadn’t realized how long I’ve been stuck at 43,750!). When clicked individually, each folder shows what I think is the right word count for itself, but somehow two folders and all documents within are invisible to the word count/manuscript statistics.

Here’s a link to a sample of what I’m looking at: … rking.html

Just use the PrintScreen key to take the snapshot, then paste into MS Paint, annotate it there if you wish, and save as a JPG or PNG file to attach here. When you’re posting a reply, you should see a couple tabs below the text area, one being “Upload attachment”. Click that and browse for your saved file, then click “Add the file” to attach it at the end of the post, or you can then add it inline if you wish.

If you open File > Compile and click the arrow button to expand that window and choose the Contents tab, are these two folders and their contents listed?

Sorry for my complete idiocy when it comes to using forum tools!

I just checked using File>Compile - not only are the two folders in question not checked to include, they’re not even showing up. Not sure how I managed that! :question: :exclamation:

I just went through and added the folders to manuscript. It put everything out of order so I had to do some reorganization, but it looks like everything is accounted for now.

What would I have done to have my documents not be part of the manuscript in the first place?

Thanks so much for all your help!!

Ok, glad you’ve got it sorted now. Folders and documents can be created anywhere in the binder, so at some point you just created a new folder below the Draft folder but at the same level–a sibling rather than a child folder. Folders are always created as siblings to the selected binder item, so if you had selected Draft and then created a new folder item, it would be at the same level and not contained within it, i.e. not part of the manuscript then. Comparatively, if you already had a folder or document as a child of the Draft folder and selected that item, then created a new folder, the folder would be a sibling of that child, and thus itself a child of the Draft.

You can move items in the binder by drag and drop, which you probably know, but also using the Document > Move commands and their shortcuts, Ctrl+Up/Down/Right/Left. You might find that using the keyboard gives you finer control over the movement to help you place items where you want them.